Dont fuck with this space princess

WASD to move perspective

Mousewheel or T and G to zoom


Grow as much as ecologically possible

WASD to move perspective -- Mousewheel to zoom

Left click select --- Right click order

Rowdy Cannon

Understanding living landing, meek and true but still standing

WASD to move -- Arrow Keys or Mouseclick to shoot

Q and E change weapon --- F spawn extra enemies

Kang Eagle

Half kangaroo, Half Eagle, where are your parents?

Either space or click to jump/flap

You have 3 flaps each time you jump


Planet magnetism

zoom with mousewheel --- zoom out a lot at first

arrow keys move character --- your fellows follow

when you touch planets they alter their polarity

Know Your Friends?

are you even friends?

input information for each player

then the game tests you on your knowledge of your friends


Sixty Percent Cat is a game developer. Expanding horizons outside of the phenosphere and thensome. Can you play ukulele? Sometimes a field is too wide to traverse, but the taciturn tread lightly. I too am a son of a bitch. Now its your turn.